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Ouriginal - Plagiarism Detection Tool

Getting started with Ouriginal

Ouriginal supports academic integrity by identifying textual similarities between documents submitted to Brightspace and available resource materials. It is used in several Canadian universities such as Concordia, McMaster, McGill and Toronto.

The software does not determine whether or not plagiarism has occurred - it shows similarities of text with other sources. It is up to author of the work to reduce the percentage of similarities to a level that can be considered acceptable.

Not all text that is flagged as being similar to other existing texts is considered plagiarism.

For exemple:

  • Appropriately cited texts
  • University templates
  • Phrase not necessary to quote (universally known phrases)
  • Coincidence due to commonplace
  • Turn of phrase

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Why use Ouriginal

Easy to use 

Ouriginal is adaptable and fully integrated with the Virtual campus (Brightspace).

Efficient and accurate

It delivers accurate analysis reports quickly. Ouriginal provides insights into textual matches in a reliable and easy-to-understand fashion. Instead of spending hours manually searching for suspicious content, Ouriginal provides an efficient similarity check in just a few clicks.

Highly accessible and reliable 

Ouriginal use multiple servers at independent sites to store data and run the application. So even if one of them goes down, the system can continue functioning as normal. It is designed in a way that there is no single point of failure. 

Data security 

The documents are treated with absolute confidentiality and will never grant access to others without permission. Ouriginal always remain in full control of their data. Ouriginal comply with the principles of GDPR and CCPA which regulate an organization’s practices for personal data protection.

Safeguards and promotes academic integrity 

Having an accurate and efficient plagiarism prevention system established at our university means we take academic integrity seriously and shows we care about promoting original thinking and development among students. Furthermore, it safeguards our reputation and assures others of the quality of our degrees and institutional effectiveness.

Documents and Resources

Discover below how to use Ouriginal for student assignments 
For each section, you will find documents created by the TLSS.


Access Ouriginal

Ouriginal is integrated with the Virtual Campus (Brightspace). Instructors will use the assignment tool within Brightspace and will choose to use Ouriginal to get analysis report when students submit their work.


Create an Assignment

Creating an assignment with Ouriginal is not much different from what you normally do with Brightspace. You willl also decide if students get the analysis report of their work.


Similarity Report

As soon as the analysis report is produced, you will have available results on the coincidences of the submitted text with other sources, alerts of possible attempts to deceive the program and coincidences with texts in other languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement to the original source. 

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