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Discover the new Brightspace Essentials Workshop - Winter 2021

This self-paced online workshop is split into parts with a variety of activities for you to complete in each. This first part will cover getting started in Brightspace, including how to access Brightspace, how to access and use your demo space, how to adjust your personal settings and the settings for a course, how to create your official course space, as well as add someone to your course. It will also review the various notifications available within Brightspace.


Powered by Brightspace from D2L

Technicians respond to requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The use of the Chat function is recommended for a faster response.

Learning Technologies Computer Lab

 Monday to Thursday:  10- noon, 1- 3 pm

Friday:  9- 12 

For a virtual appointment please click here

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The TLSS Techno-Pedagogy lab is located in Vanier Hall, room 1020. Our specialists offer face-to-face or virtual techno-pedagogical support on all of our in-house supported teaching and learning technologies (Brightspace, YuJa, Wooclap, Simple Syllabus, Ouriginal, Respondus, Maestro).


New in the Virtual Campus!

Turnkey templates for your course in Brightspace.

BrightspaceLTIextensionadd-onrequest form


Please note that to be approved, the LTI extension that you are requesting must comply with the University of Ottawa's rules and policies regarding bilingualism, accessibility, privacy and computer security. If there is a cost associated with the extension, you will require a recurring budget and we will need to request assistance from Procurement for contract negotiation. The process can therefore take several weeks/months. It is important to keep this in mind as the addition of an extension is also typically only done at the beginning of a semester.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Please, check out the complete Brightspace documentation on D2L website.

See also our documents for the Virtual Campus as a complete guide and others on specific functions. Visit our document management page now!

Getting started with the Virtual Campus

Everything you need to know to succeed with the Virtual Campus

Login to the Virtual Campus

Login to the Virtual Campus (powered by Brightspace) and see all the courses your professors design for you.

Online Resources

Discover several videos tutorials explaining how to use different functions of the Virtual Campus powered by Brightspace.

Create your course

Login to Maestro to create your course in Virtual Campus as well as to merge course sections to ease the design of your content.

Guides (PDF format)

Discover our guides for professors students and TA who are offering, taking or supporting fully online or hybrid courses.

24/7 Technical Support

You can call, send an email or chat with one of the University of Ottawa dedicated technician at any time, 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question about the Virtual Campus? Have a look at our FAQ, it may have already been answered.

Video Tutorials on the use of Virtual Campus

Featured Brightspace videos created by D2L

Add a Module in your course

Structure and organize your content by adding modules and sub-modules to your course. This tutorial shows how to add modules and sub-modules to your course.

Create a forum

Use discussion forums and topics to increase communication and collaboration in your course. This tutorial shows how to create a discussion forum.

Understanding Grades

Use the Grades tool to centralize assessment and evaluation for your course. This tutorial outlines key aspects of creating and using your grade book.

Face-to-face training Webinars on the Virtual Campus

The TLSS regularly offers face-to-face workshops on Virtual Campus. These sessions cover different functions of the platform with an emphasis on the pedagogical use of each. Workshops take place in our lab which is located in room 1020 Vanier Hall. This space is also serves as a walk-in lab where you can obtain guidance on the use of a variety of teaching and learning technologies that the University offers.

For immediate assistance with Virtual Campus , please use our 24/7 help line at 1-866-811-3201.

Online and Blended Learning Guides

TLSS Publications on online and blended learning
Decorative image representing a pile of white paper sheets with PDF logo

Professor Guide

Published: 2015 - Revised in 2020

Decorative image representing a pile of white paper sheets with PDF logo

Student Guide

Published: 2015 - Revised: 2019

Decorative image representing a pile of white paper sheets with PDF logo

TA Guide

Published: 2015

Decorative image representing a pile of white paper sheets with PDF logo

Resources Guide

Published: 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find answer? Call us at 1-866-811-3201 or use our online support form
How do I connect to the Virtual Campus?

Please click on this link. You will automatically be logged in (if you already have an SSO session active on your computer) or you will be redirected to the University of Ottawa Single Sign On page where you can use your uAccess ID to log in. You don’ know you uoAccess credentials? Please refer to this page on the IT website to see how best to proceed : https://it.uottawa.ca/uoaccess.

Turnkey Brightspace templates for your courses

You will find below templates to help you quickly start designing your course in the Virtual Campus. Two types of templates are available depending on the desired course structure. The first one organizes the content by week, while the second one divides it by theme (or module). Please read the guide for more information. Once you have made your choice, follow the instructions in the guide to install the template in your Brightspace course.

If you need assistance, please contact us by sending a message to


Download the guide and templates by clicking on the buttons below.
Please note that the template files are quite large and will take several minutes to upload.

To simplify the application of the colour choice for the templates, simply download the corresponding CSS file and upload it to Brightspace (following the instructions in the user guide).

Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)

Vanier Hall - Room 1001
136 Jean-Jacques Lussier
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5
Email: saea-tlss@uOttawa.ca 

Office hours
Monday to Friday
8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(June 1st to August 31st closed at 3:00 p.m.)
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