Teaching with a Bimodal Approach

A new option for Fall 2021

Welcome to this new webpage where you can learn more about the University of Ottawa's bimodal approach.

In anticipation of a gradual return of students and professors to campus, starting in the Fall of 2021, the University of Ottawa will offer courses using a bimodal approach.

This approach is a combination of two distinct real-time (synchronous) teaching spaces. One physical space in a classroom on campus where a professor is there with a reduced number of students (to meet the physical distancing measures established by Ottawa Public Health), and a second virtual space using a videoconferencing technology (Zoom or MS Teams) for students who choose to take the course remotely. 

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We will share additional resources on teaching with a bimodal approach. 
We are also preparing training sessions (webinars) – dates to come


Professor and students in a classroom on campus.

Students taking the same course at the same time remotely.

Teaching with a Bimodal Approach – An Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bimodal instruction?

In the context of a gradual return of students and professors to campus, bimodal instruction is a synchronous mode of teaching that includes two learning spaces, one physical space in the classroom and the other via virtual/distance learning. 

Graphical representation of bimodal approach