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Moving Things Online: Technology Options

There are a number of options available to help you achieve academic continuity for your course. Please keep in mind that it is a stressful time for everyone and as such it is important to try and use tools that you and your students are already comfortable with as much as possible. It may also be necessary to consider alternative assessment options to those that you have outlined for your course in order to address the current circumstances.

To learn more, please Download the document that we have prepared by clicking on the button below.

The table below outlines some traditional face-to-face activities along with their potential online solutions.

Course Component
Old Format
Potential Alternative(s)
Additional Resources
Office Hours

Scheduled in office

Hold office hours through email

Hold office hours using an online conferencing system like Microsoft Teams


In class PowerPoints and lecture

Record voice-over PowerPoint slides/desktop screen using the built-in function in PowerPoint and post on Brightspace 

Record what is presented on your computer desktop along with audio and a visual of yourself using Echo 360’s Universal Capture software – Personal *An account is necessary.

Record your lecture (audio, video and desktop) in a classroom on campus using our installed lecture capture software (Echo360 or Opencast). **Access to a classroom needs to be scheduled in advance and an account is necessary.

Meet synchronously with your students using an online conferencing system like Adobe Connect, which offers polling, live chat, document & desktop sharing, and whiteboard capabilities.

Share material (e.g. text, announcements, website links, videos, PPTs, readings, etc.), offer discussion board activities, and other activities using Brightspace.

Voice over PPT mini guide (video).

Voice over PPT mini guide (PDF - Soon to come).

Link to Echo360 guide.

Opencast guides.

Click here to learn about the training and resources available for Adobe Connect, as well as how to get an account.

Complete Guide -Virtual Campus


Print and turn in a physical copy to mark by pen

Use the Assignments tool in Brightspace to allow students to submit a digital version of their work that can be annotated, graded and returned to students directly through the platform.
Final Exams
In-class Exam
Switch to a take-home format and use the Assignments tool or the Quiz tool in Brightspace to allow students to submit a digital version of their work that can be graded with feedback and returned to students directly through the platform.
In class multiple-choice, written response, True and False questions
Use the Quiz tool in Brightspace to allow students to complete an online quiz. Quizzes can be timed and certain types of questions can also be auto-graded.
In class
Use standard email or the email tool in Brightspace.
Inspired by an idea of Dr. Tom Boogaart

Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)

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Email: saea-tlss@uOttawa.ca 

Office hours
Monday to Friday
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(June 1st to August 31st closed at 3:00 p.m.)
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