Echo360 ALP
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Context This document presents the steps to follow to provide your students with access to your Echo360 lecture captures and activities within Virtual Campus. For more information on using Echo360 (ex. how to edit, publish, or unpublish your videos; how to create interactive slides), please consult our standalone resources on those topics.

Echo360 Lecture Capture Handout
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What is a Lecture capture tool (propelled by Echo360)? A Lecture capture platform allows you to record, edit, as well as share audio and video from your course. All rooms equipped with this technology will allow you to schedule and record the audio (as long as you wear the provided microphone) as well as what is presented live during a session on the classroom podium computer.

Echo360 ALP
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Qu'est-ce que e la Plateforme d’apprentissage dynamique ? PAD (anciennement connue sous le nom Lecture Tools et Echo360) est un système intégré de gestion des contenus d’enseignement qui peut rendre l’enseignement et l’apprentissage en salle de classe plus dynamiques et interactifs.

Echo360 Virtual Campus Integration
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What is the Active Learning Platform? ALP (formerly known as Lecture Tools and Echo360) is an integrated instructional content management system that focuses primarily on making teaching and learning more dynamic and interactive.

Echo360 Student Access
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Context The following outlines the steps to create an Echo360 account and give students access to the platform.

Personal Capture (in English only)
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Installing Universal Capture: Personal If you are using a Mac, you must be running at least MacOS version 10.12 (Sierra); if you are using a Windows PC, you must be running the 64-bit version of Windows 10.