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2018-2019 Overview

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Cyclical Program Review

This year, as part of the OQA’s new support process tailored to each program’s specific needs, 11 undergraduate programs and graduate programs have been assessed. A plan of action was designed with input from the units concerned at the end of each assessment process to ensure continued program quality and to respond to the challenges identified.

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Active Learning Classrooms

One of the key transformations this year was the use of four new active learning classrooms (C010/040, C020, C030), located at the Learning Crossroads (CRX); workshops on techno-pedagogy were also offered to every professor using this new space. The first round of feedback from all users, both professors and students, provided us with information about the impact of these new spaces on teaching and learning...

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Use of Educational Technologies

Now in its second year of implementation, the Brightspace platform hosts 73% of all UOCampus courses; 88% of which are lectures. We have seen a slight increase in the number of professors using the Brightspace platform; 84% compared to last year’s 80%, and 98% of students access their courses on Brightspace
The following are the Brightspace tools most frequently used by professors:

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Techno-pedagogic workshops on the Virtual Campus

A total of 112 professors participated in a series of TLSS workshops that focused on four main themes:

  1. Virtual Campus—Essential strategies and tools for course design
  2. Virtual Campus—Following your students’ progress
  3. Virtual Campus Design and Learning—Reorganizing virtual content to optimize learning
  4. Webinar—Organizational strategies to simplify content creation for the Virtual Campus

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Developing Blended and Online Courses

A total of 32 professors submitted requests for financing to develop 38 blended courses; 34 courses were funded. 34 courses received funding distributed as follow per faculties...

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Facts that we collected


What professors are saying about program assessment

I very much appreciate the way you are attempting to rethink, restructure, and re-embed the evaluation process. I think that this really has the potential to create a much more favourable attitude towards this process.


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Pascal Wickert
Pascal WickertDirector, Communication and Learning technologies
Richard Pinet
Richard PinetDirector CIPDL
Denis Bouchard
Denis BouchardCAO
Aline Germain Rutherford
Aline Germain RutherfordVice-Provost, Academic Affairs

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I gratefully acknowledge the TLSS and OQA teams and their commitment to delivering quality service in responding to the needs of our teaching and learning community.
Mawy Bouchard
Mawy BouchardDirector of the Office of Quality Assurance
Alain Erdmer
Alain ErdmerDirector General